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HOA Members Area - HOA Procedures

Here is some information about procedures used by our HOA. These are overviews of the procedures, and not the official procedures. Be sure to read and follow the official procedures as needed.

Architectural Change Procedure (Overview)

  1. Read and follow the instructions in the architectural change application. Incomplete applications will not be approved.
  2. Please allow 30 days for the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) to review and respond to completed architectural change applications.
  3. Plans must be submitted to the ARC at least 10 days before applying for City and/or County building permits.
  4. Written approval must be received from the ARC before any construction or building is started.
  5. Homeowner agrees to comply with all City of Longmont and/or Boulder county building codes and has obtained the proper permits prior to starting any work.
  6. Homeowner agrees not to alter existing drainage patterns on lot without the express approval of the ARC and the Board of Directors.
  7. Failure to start or complete the improvement within the time specified on the application approval shall result in withdrawal of approval unless an extension is requested and approved in writing.
  8. Applicant agrees to comply with any request to enter onto the property or for additional information for the purposes of determining if the improvement is being constructed in accordance with the approved plan and is in compliance with the covenants and guidelines. Refusal by applicant shall result in withdrawal of approval.

Rule enforcement Procedure (Overview)

  1. See the entire procedure here.
  2. Reporting Violations: Any Owner or group of Owners may make a complaint to the Board of Directors (BOD) about alleged rule violations.
  3. Investigation: Two BOD members, or designees, will investigate alleged rule violations.
  4. Demand for Abatement: If the BOD believes a violation has occurred or is occurring, it will send a Demand for Abatement to the Owner of the Lot in question to request abatement of the alleged violation by a given date. NOTE: Owners are responsible to notify the BOD in writing when a violation has been abated.
  5. Follow Up Process: Two BOD Members, or designees, will verify whether or not corrective action was made by the Lot Owner within the required time period.
  6. Notice of Hearing: If the violation continues past the required time period for abatement, or if the same violation subsequently occurs within 24 months from the date of the previous violation, the BOD or its agent shall serve the violator with a Notice of Hearing.
  7. Hearing: A Hearing will be held, affording the Lot Owner a reasonable opportunity to be heard. Any member of the HOA may attend Hearings and provide evidence and information to the BOD as part of the Hearing. Hearings will require a simple majority of the BOD to attend in person. If the BOD requires more time to reach a decision, the BOD will notify the Lot Owner within 30 days of the BOD's decision. The BOD may continue or postpone a hearing at its discretion.
  8. Sanctions: Prior to the effectiveness of any sanction imposed by the BOD, proof of the Notice of Hearing and the service of it on the Lot Owner shall be placed in the minutes of the Hearing. The minutes will include the results of the hearing and any sanctions imposed. The decision of the BOD is final. The BOD will provide a written copy of the minutes to the Lot Owner. The BOD may waive any portion of any fine at its discretion, if appropriate under the circumstances.

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