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The Reserve at Ute Creek Homeowners Association is self-governed. Our Board of Directors (BOD) currently consists of four officers. You may contact any of the board members below if you have questions or comments. Click here to send an email to all of the BOD Members.

The Reserve at Ute Creek Board of Directors

Officer Name Address Phone # email
President Scott Knollenberg 1244 Whitehall Drive 720-299-2620 email BOD
Vice President Bob Reding 1302 Whitehall Drive 719-937-9413 email BOD
Treasurer Wade Whiteley 1303 Whitehall Drive 303-886-1916 email BOD
Secretary Steve Allen 1327 Whitehall Drive 720-877-1079 email BOD

Here is our Mailing Address:

The Reserve at Ute Creek HOA

PO Box 381

Longmont, Co 80502-0381

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