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  1. Neighborhood Improvement Grants Program: The Reserve has actively participated in the Longmont Neighborhood Group Leaders Association (LNGLA) since 2008. That gives our Community access to several resources that are funded by the City of Longmont. Please follow this link to see more information about the LNGLA and our Neighborhood Improvements Program grant proposals. The projects are oriented to reducing HOA expenses, but it will require YOUR help to succeed. Please contact a Board member to learn how to help reduce our HOA expenses.
  2. Weed Control and Landscaping: Our neighborhood is maturing, but weeds still creep into our yards. Please take time to control weeds in the spring so they do not spread!
  3. Home Painting: Many homes in The Reserve still have their original paint. Please inspect your home to see if it is nearing time to re-paint. A good coating of paint helps to protect your home, and also keeps The Reserve looking attractive. Painting can be expensive, so plan ahead. Also, don't forget to submit proper forms if you plan to change any paint colors.
  4. Webpage: The HOA is looking for more content for our webpage. What is great and unique about The Reserve? Do you have community information that we should post here? Contact a BOD member to share material.
  5. Want to be Involved in City Works? The City of Longmont has vacancies on several boards and commissions. Learn more about boards and commissions here. Check out the current Boards and Commissions Vacancies if you would like to apply to fill a vacancy.

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